Zapnito solutions - events, membership and knowledge communities

We bring together three use cases for Zapnito’s digital community platform. See how event organizers, membership managers and knowledge sharing industries can harness the power of their own expert network.

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How could you benefit from a trusted online community?

For event organizers: Create a 365 hub of engagement for delegates, speakers and sponsors. Deliver pre- and post-event content, speaker interviews and continued connections.

For membership organizations: Connect your members, leaders and influencers on a trusted platform. Manage membership levels, gate premium content and integrate with payment services.

For knowledge sharing industries: Build a space to share expertise and connect authors, researchers and readers. Create new revenue streams such as sponsorship, paid courses and premium access.

Nicola Fine

Marketing Director, Zapnito

I've worked in B2B marketing for 6 years now, across corporate events and professional services. I love digital marketing and analytics, and finding ways to make B2B as exciting as B2C.


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over 1 year ago

What a showcase! 

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over 1 year ago

Love the breadth and depth. Love the energy!