Zapnito 2019 Community Insights Event

Here's our highlights from the 2019 Community Insights Event and some expert interviews with some of our wonderful customers and advisors plus a bit of a summary from me.

Everyone gave such fantastic and insightful interviews, some of which we were not able to include in this video (but not to worry - they will be published soon too). Here's some key points made by each:

1)  Susanna Kempe, CEO of the Laidlaw Foundation, "The future is all about branded online communities where people have a great affiliation for a known brand they can trust and want to be a part of that community."

2) Ben Johnson, Head of Communities & Engagement at Nature Research, "What the community has allowed us to do is to really strengthen our relationship with researchers."

3) Nikol Chen, Marketing and Design at the Laidlaw Foundation, "One of the most important things is establishing a very personal and intimate rapport with all of your members of the community so they feel part of something that matters."

4) Martin Delahunty, Company Director of InspiringSTEM Consulting, "For my community, I had assumptions around what worked, what didn't work however I was highly reliant on the Zapnito team on the best practises of how to establish a community and also to use existing client case studies."

5) Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-founder of Zapnito, "The value is in capturing the community and owning the data, owning the content. Also the community gives back to the brand and the brand gives back to the community."

6) Georgi Makin, Editor at 3DMedNet, “One of the best things about building a community based in science is the fact that you have a community based on something where everybody within that community really cares about the subject that they’re in and wants to share.”

7) Freya Leask, Publisher at Future Science Group, “At FSG we’re really trying to make our editors the influencers, so positioning them as both the leaders in their field and trusted experts that people can go to for insight but also as really accessible leaders of that community.”

8) Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-founder of Zapnito, “Once you have one and you’ve captured your community, it grows and it allows itself to thrive. To always have that purpose in creating the value for a community that matters.”