On-demand webinar | Sova Assessment: Launching a SaaS customer community

On the 8th July we interviewed Sova's Director of Marketing, Claire Rahmatallah, on how they launched their SaaS customer community from scratch and their plans for future growth.

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Sova Assessment is a HR Tech digital talent assessment software platform, and their mission is to change assessment for good. Their new community, powered by Zapnito, is changing the way they deliver the customer experience.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Sova's journey to launching a SaaS customer community for the first time
  • Digitalizing the customer experience and delivering excellence at scale
  • The community as a demand generation and sales enablement tool
  • Advice for marketers considering adding community to their strategy
  • Raising the bar in candidate assessment and talent management
  • Sova's community goals in the next year and beyond
  • The experience of working with the Zapnito team

Max Inchcoombe

Marketing Manager, Zapnito

Into my fourth year at Zapnito now, some of my responsibilities include email marketing, running the social media accounts, site/community reporting, event organising and sales assistance. If you have any questions for me on Zapnito or what we do, I'll be happy to help!