On-demand webinar | Shifting to a 365 community model

On the 3rd August, we interviewed Sherilyn Shackell, Founder and Global CEO of The Marketing Academy to discover what their journey to community looked like and how they're engaging almost 5,000 members and industry experts across their Virtual Campus.

The Marketing Academy Virtual Campus Program is a rolling 12 month development syllabus of masterclasses, workshops and lectures aimed at inspiring, developing, and empowering talent in marketing, media & advertising globally.  It’s completely free to attend, by Special Invitation only.  

The Virtual Campus Program is delivered through The Virtual Campus Hub, which is delivered by Zapnito.

In the webinar we covered:

  1. Why The Marketing Academy chose to build an online community
  2. The Marketing Academy's challenges shifting to a 365 virtual community model and how they are overcoming these
  3. Their biggest surprises on their community planning, launching and delivery journey
  4. Their goals for the Virtual Campus and how they expect to achieve them
  5. Sherilyn's advice to anyone considering creating their own community
  6. The future of community marketing, content marketing and how the two will benefit each other

Here are just some of the valuable quotes we've taken from Sherilyn in this webinar:

"The world needs community and connectivity. We’ve always known that. I just didn’t realise you could actually scale that."

"The bigger opportunity is in the data. Having that information is crucial for us to constantly improve what we are doing. Ability to continue to engage with the community at the flick of a button."

"Don’t be too scared about the launching phase... Don’t hesitate to build a community. It is the future."

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