On-demand webinar | Practice what you preach: Building a community with purpose

On the 23rd September 2021 John Jeffcock, Winmark Chief Executive interviewed Kimberley Heath, Network Experience Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Carme Raventos, Account Manager at Zapnito to discover how an online community can help deliver global change. Here's their conversation.

Hear how the Ellen MacArthur Foundation uses their expert community to:

  • Reach more members, helping to secure project buy-in
  • Allow members to connect and collaborate
  • Enable continuous member engagement
  • Deliver a marketing strategy around their members
  • Run both in-person and hybrid events

Launching their community in February this year, we learn about the Foundations journey from resource requirements, internal buy-in, community creation and launching just over 6 months ago, to building a successful community.

Carme Raventos, Zapnito Account Manager provides context on the typical community journey, how Zapnito supports its clients as partners and why a trusted online space is so important for organizations today.

The team also answered lots of your audience questions to round off the webinar.

If you have any questions about this discussion, please do reach out to Carme by email or comment below.

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