On Demand Demo | SaaS Communities

Watch the on-demand demonstration of how online communities influence product adoption, retention and growth in SaaS companies.

In this webinar, we demonstrate the power of a Zapnito community to engage SaaS customers around learning, knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Starting with SaaS platform and Zapnito customer Sova Assessment, see ways in which Zapnito customers use their community to drive engagement and share their expertise with a growing audience of end users, clients and prospects.

Themes covered:

Drive product adoption and density with a space for customers to learn from product experts. From articles to courses, webinars to virtual events, there are plenty of ways to create the content your customers and prospects are looking for.

Reinforce brand loyalty by giving your community the tools to share their own knowledge and experiences, by engaging in discussion and even creating their own content.

Create a safe space for brand ambassadors to connect and collaborate with others using rooms, forums and both group and direct messaging. Host and monetize expertise, grow your audience, and build a network of co-creators to drive deeper engagement with your brand.

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