"It ticked all the boxes and went beyond" Part 2 of our case study with simplycommunicate

I'm joined by Marc Wright, Founder and Lisa Pantelli, Head of Content and Community at simplycommunicate, to discuss their decision to build a member community with Zapnito.

We cover:

  • Working with the Zapnito team
  • Running the SimplyIC Live event
  • The value of the event for the sponsors and the speakers
  • What surprised Marc and Lisa about the event
  • The future of the Simply Communicate community
  • How the community will be monetized in the future
  • What is the long term vision and aims for the community?

Lisa Pantelli says "I've never been to an event where there's been that much buzz and excitement behind it."

Watch part 1 here.

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over 2 years ago

Love the enthusiasm here! This is a great case study on the effective marriage of clear communication and technology in building ongoing community. As mentioned by Marc - and borne out by the results - a revolution is fully underway in how business gets done and the expectations of stakeholders. It's moving at warp speed.