"If I build it, they will come" - Customer Community Myth-Busting (part 4 of 4)

In the fourth and final part of our webinar with Sova Assessment, we examine the idea that building a community guarantees results.

You can build it and they will come - but whether they come back is another thing.

-Emma Foote

Director of Growth Marketing, Sova Assessment

A customer community requires constant attention and upkeep in order to consistently deliver results. For this reason, many of the most successful communities employ a dedicated Community Manager. Unfortunately, many brands make the mistake of thinking their community is the end, not the means.

In this portion of the webinar, Claire and Emma speak from their own experience running the Sova Assessment community to explain why simply building a community is not enough on its own. Gaining a lot of signups early on is the easy part - but without posting engaging content and using the data to track KPIs, your brand isn't going to grow and your community will stagnate.

Topics covered included: 

  • Defining what 'engagement' means to your business
  • Do your goals align with those of your customers?
  • Using customer feedback to deliver value

Our target audience is experienced professionals, so we have to make sure that drives what we're doing on the community.

-Claire Rahmatallah

Director of Marketing, Sova Assessment

This is the final part of the webinar - take a look at the related content for this post to view the rest. If you'd like to learn more about the power of an owned community platform and what it could do for your brand, contact support@zapnito.com or book a discovery call.

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