Customer Interview Series - Mark Allen Group


In this customer interview series, I am joined by Torie Hart (Community Manager across all four Mark Allen Group communities). Torie shares her experience with launching and re-launching their communities for the different audiences and what she has learnt throughout the process.

Mark Allen Group have been working with Zapnito since 2021 and in that time have launched four communities: 

  • ARBS Network
  • Energy from Waste Network
  • Critical Communications Network
  • SEND Network

Listen out for Torie's success story with SEND Network's launch goals (~19mins) when she says, "we quadrupled our initial target number of registrants in the first couple of months!"

Thank you again for a wonderful discussion Torie! :) 

PS. Apologies for not having the dual camera setting enabled during the recording! 

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Go to the profile of Natalia
about 2 months ago

Great interview! Thanks for sharing your learnings and successes @Victoria Hart 

Go to the profile of Victoria Hart
about 2 months ago

Thanks so much @Waimai Lo for the opportunity to chat about our communities! 

Go to the profile of Waimai Lo
about 2 months ago

You are most welcome Torie!! :-D

Go to the profile of Tamara Miller
about 1 month ago

@Georgina Sánchez Moles really interesting!