Customer Interview Series - Data Leaders Hub


I am joined by Laura Bineviciute (Head of Content & Community) at Data Leaders. Laura shares some real insight into the last 18 of months of building, launching and growing their community. 

One quote that she shares is, “The Data Leaders Hub has helped us to drive 100% client retention and net growth across our customer base”. 

Tune in to learn more! 

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Go to the profile of Paulina
6 months ago

@Waimai Lo @Laura Bineviciute fantastic interview! Really enjoyed that, especially the part about focusing on offering value to members in the form of connections. It's always fascinating to hear other people's viewpoints on the objectives and priorities of community leadership.

Go to the profile of Waimai Lo
6 months ago

Really pleased you enjoyed the interview @Paulina !! @Laura Bineviciute shares some really great learnings and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation too! :)