Video Panel: Are we seeing a convergence of events and professional learning? Zapnito expert Advisors discuss - part one.

As the impact of Covid-19 sees their traditional formats changing, the lines between professional learning and events are becoming blurred.

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Today I sat down with Zapnito Advisors Susanna Kempe and Richard Carter and Zapnito CEO and Co-founder Charles Thiede to talk about the impact of the lockdown on the events and learning industries, and whether a shift to online actually means a convergence.

We discuss:

  • How organizations are re-evaluating how they deliver value
  • A shift in relationship between user + learning/event provider
  • Translating expert networking to an online environment
  • What online platforms can provide that f2f events never could
  • Building real relationships within an event community

Nicola Fine

Marketing Director, Zapnito

I've worked in B2B marketing for 6 years now, across corporate events and professional services. I love digital marketing and analytics, and finding ways to make B2B as exciting as B2C.


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over 1 year ago

This was excellent - 2 big takeaways were:

1. Susanna's point that creating platforms to build expertise goes beyond matchmaking.

2. Richard's comment that you can use the community pre-event to deliver content and then the interaction or content application happens at the live or virtual event (execed model)