Our Advisor Webinar

We invited our Advisors to join us on Friday the 20th to discuss the issues facing event organizers today and the solution we can provide for this use case.

Joining Charles (Zapnito CEO and Co-founder) and myself (CTO and Co-founder) as expert speakers were Susanna Kempe and Maggie McGary. With a wealth of event and association experience and industry knowledge between them, we were able to have an informed discussion with personal perspective at what is a particularly challenging time not only for events businesses but every organization right now.

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Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
almost 3 years ago

After a pretty stressful week it was a real pleasure to do this webinar. It was illuminating and fun to swap insights with Maggie. The functionality was really super easy to use. The other advisors could use the chat funcationality to comment on and add value to our discussion. It really showed the power of a community of experts and tech that is designed around people not formats from twenty years ago (she says, slightly rudely dismissing a lot of the event tech that is out there and really doesn't do the job for events businesses). I hope everyone else enjoys watching this and finds it as useful as we did recording it.

Go to the profile of Jon Beer
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Susanna - it certainly was a great closure to a long week!