Community Insights: Tips from Springer Nature

An interview with Ruth Milne, community manager at Springer Nature talking about building successful communities

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In this video from our community insight series, I'm talking to Ruth Milne, community manager at Springer Nature about the Nature Research communities. Watch to find out how Ruth helped double the number of research communities in a year, what resources were needed for this growth and how she's measured the success of these communities as they grow.

In the video Ruth explains how she encouraged authors to write pieces for Earth Day and these can be found here:

For a list of all Springer Nature communities please click here

Tune in next time when we’ll have more tips from another customer community, and if you have any questions in the meantime please contact me on

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Charles Thiede about 1 year ago

Wonderful interview Laura and Ruth. Love the story behind "Behind the paper" and using themes to keep engagement up with the authors and experts. Thanks for sharing. 

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Ruth Milne 11 months ago

Thanks for the interview Laura, and the kind words Charles. We've just started a new theme: After the Paper! Watch this space...