Feature Spotlight: Zapnito Rooms

A quick intro to our 'Rooms' feature and how it works

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Our 'Rooms' feature allows you to create small sub-communities within a main community - perfect to bring people together around specific topics, events or interests

Some of the key features of Rooms:

  • They can be open or private - so you can always have private discussion spaces within your community, even if the community itself is open.
  • Content can be shared in the same way as in the main community (but won’t be visible anywhere else if it’s a private room)
  • You can start conversations
  • You can share documents
  • And for private rooms you can create mini directories of members

If you'd like to find out more about Zapnito and our features, why not have a quick chat with one of our Solutions Executives.

Kam Arkinstall

Advisor, Zapnito

I've worked in marketing and communications for over a decade, with experience in the charity sector, STM publishing, and agency-side for a variety of clients. In that time I've done everything from brand development to media relations. But my real passion is for all things digital, particularly content marketing and social media. Love: strategy, plain English, tea. Hate: corporate jargon.