Innovation and the publishing industry - Part 1

This is the first in a series of short interviews with our CEO Charles Thiede talking about innovation in the publishing industry.

This week, our CEO Charles will be chairing the ALPSP 'Innovate or Perish' seminar, which aims to help publishers understand how to foster an innovative culture. 

Charles is in the unique position of having worked in the publishing industry both on the inside and as a startup founder with publishing clients. So I wanted to get his take on innovation and the publishing sector.

In this video we cover innovation vs. invention, why innovation is so important in publishing right now, and what challenges publishers face in fostering innovation.

You can also read more about innovation in the publishing industry in our new whitepaper - Innovation 101: a guide for publishers, which features insight from former Wiley CEO Mark Allin and Springer Nature's Grace Baynes.