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Zapnito panels: a tool for collective expertise

Charles and I demonstrate video panels.

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Go to the profile of Charles Thiede
Charles Thiede over 6 years ago

So this took one take and was pretty simple. People walking by is part of the feature:). It does not need to be super refined. It needs to be a brief and engaging conversation about a topic. And to continue the conversation within context of the expert group. And once published the conversation continues.

Go to the profile of Sarah Platt
Sarah Platt over 6 years ago

Live video chats in expert networks is such a great idea and opens up loads of opportunities for companies to develop great content and share ideas in a really dynamic and engaging format. The 'Hangouts' type experience makes communication more lively and here at Kinura we can see lots of business benefits to enabling networked individuals to meet online and use this built-in app for online events like roundtable discussions, direct interviews, learning sessions, debates and so on. Great work Zapnito! We can't wait to start using video panels for more exciting collaborations!

Go to the profile of Stephen Welch
Stephen Welch over 6 years ago

What a great concept and one with so many different applications; from internal knowledge sharing, to mini-webinars (but waa-aa-y more engaging that a typical webinar). Nice to be focused, human and connected. This is about moving from the corporate to the personal - and having meaningful, human-to-human conversations to bring challenges to live via trusted experts.

Go to the profile of Lauren Maffeo
Lauren Maffeo over 6 years ago

Great feature! Can you discuss how these video panels empower globally disperse experts? How, for example, would these panels help a UK-based business engage their contractors in the US, Australia, Hong King, etc. in real time? Or, how could a video panel discussion be published to a network in real time and accessed by fellow experts at a later date?