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Zapnito Monthly Sprint Showcase October 2017: private rooms special!

Our latest quick tour of the platform developments now available to you, released in October 2017. Take a look to stay up-to-date with Zapnito and ensure you are getting the most from the platform. This month, includes a demo of our private rooms MVP!

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Go to the profile of Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson about 3 years ago

It's great to see this now live! When you publish in a room, is this content also published in Latest Content on the homepage or in Channels? It seems like it shouldn't be (or the post wouldn't be private!) but just wanted to check how this works in practice.

Go to the profile of Jenefer Thoroughgood
Jenefer Thoroughgood about 3 years ago

VERY good question Ben, and I need to communicate about this in more detail. At present, if you publish a post etc in a private room but also in a channel, the post is considered private in all areas and only room members will be able to access it. Our plan is to add some more sophisticated logic about when people should be able to access private room content, when it shoudl appear in Latest Content and the Weekly Digest, what email notifications get sent, etc. For now, rest assured that if content is in a private room it is private to only room members, but there is definitely more for us to do here and we will be seeking your input on this...