Waimai Lo (She/Her)

Director of Client Operations, Zapnito
Rakesh Patel

Director of Technology, Citizen Schools

Rebecca East

Head of Client Services, Nutcracker

Trisha Patel

Senior Customer Success Manager, Zapnito

Gerson Kadhikwa

Consulting Executive , GKA

Leon Prather

Manager, Digital Product Operations, AVIXA

Amie Anderson

Solutions Developer , Zapnito

Michael R. Nall

Best Solutions to MAXIMIZE Private Business Value!, MidMarket Alliance

Thomas Power

Director, Social Power Ltd

Bob Gates

Industry Analyst, The RepTrak Company

Industry Analyst on the Content and Community Team at The RepTrak Company.

Mary Dolan

Community Manager - WBBA, Informa Tech

Hi, I'm Mary. My role is to support existing WBBA members and to grow the membership of the WBBA.

I live in London and I've worked in marketing, community management and communications for over 12 years.

Karien Stroucken

Director Strategy Partnership, Zapnito

With a BA in Business, MA in Mass Communication & Culture, (an upcoming BA in Geoscience) and years of work experience, I have developed a solid knowledge of science and technology, project & design processes, co-creation, rapid prototyping, product development and general business conduct.

Amir Sajedi

Community Manager, Finummity

Torben Kragelund

CEO, Directions4Partners

Ana Julia Oliveira

Community Manager, NectarCRM

Hi! I'm a "goiana" born to the world! I have a degree in Marketing and have experience with social media management, planning and content production. I'm passionate about stories (telling them and listening to them) and having positive experiences with several people that I can meet in this world.

Maddie Grant

digital strategist, PROPEL

Luke Mathews

Senior SDR, Zapnito

Mary Griffin

Marketing Director, AIPP

Ben Stocken

Director, West Peak Partners

Jess Howe

Financial Controller, Zapnito


project finance manager, voyage finance