Nicola Fine

Marketing Director, Zapnito
  • Zapnito
  • United Kingdom
Rakesh Patel

Director of Technology, Citizen Schools

Christian Meyer

Member Management, Caritas Welfare Association (Region Bavaria)

Nicki Nicholson

Head of Marketing, Crestbridge

Katy Wakefield

Executive Assistant, Boardwave

Liam McCaffrey

Community Manager, Peak

Thomas Power

Director, Social Power Ltd

James Taylor

Director of Communications and Freedom to Publish, IPA

Mauriel Avina

Managing Director, TIAA

Michael R. Nall

Best Solutions to MAXIMIZE Private Business Value!, MidMarket Alliance

David Russell

Associate Marketing Director, Mark Allen Group

Amir Sajedi

Community Manager, Finummity


CEO, Agosh

Janel Eichhorn

VP of Marketing, Suveto

Soline Guerineau

Head of Impact Initiatives, Economist Impact

Leanne de Araujo

Digital Marketing Specialist, Calmer Copy

Ana Julia Oliveira

Community Manager, NectarCRM

Hi! I'm a "goiana" born to the world! I have a degree in Marketing and have experience with social media management, planning and content production. I'm passionate about stories (telling them and listening to them) and having positive experiences with several people that I can meet in this world.


Pentester, Max-Tech


Customer Success Specialist, Cemplicity

Sarah Harris

Digital Marketing Manager, Zero Carbon Academy

Mobolaji Adesanya

Project Director , Advantage Health Africa