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Feb 14, 2021

Charles - your comments resonate very much!  I started a community in 2002 - The Alliance Best Practice Community - Since then I have used a combination of Linkedin Groups and a website to help serve the community with knowledge, tools, networking and experience.  I look forward to sharing community building experiences with others in the Zapnito Community!  Mike

Feb 14, 2021

Henry - I agree that Trust in business has become paramount. It’s cited as the #1 Critical Success Factor in business to business alliances. Well done for calling it out here!  Mike

Feb 12, 2021

Jon - I love the description 'collective intelligence'. I run a global community called Alliance Best Practice Ltd which is based on the concept of alliance practitioners getting together to discuss 'what works' in business to business alliance formulation, management and optimisation.  But I agree with you that a simple website or a LinkedIn group doesn't quite cut it anymore.  I think my members would welcome the idea of a niche group with a passion for knowledge sharing around alliances.  I will contact you separately to discuss how we could take advantage of your platform whilst at the same time boost membership (my group has 18,000 members) - Best wishes - Mike