Karl Freeman

VP of Engineering, Zapnito
Soline Guerineau

Head of Impact Initiatives, Economist Impact

Ed Phillips

Front End Software Engineer, Zapnito

I highly value UX, and will advocate for thoughtful and frictionless implementation of a UI and user story with a functional approach.

I'm passionate about working on products that solve real world challenges and am happiest when working in a team of people who care. I will lead when when it is required, but will always seek opportunities to learn from my peers.

What I crave most is a chance to write code with purpose, ownership and the opportunity to grow with that codebase.

Luke Mathews

Senior SDR, Zapnito

Joe Turner

Frontend Developer, Zapnito

Charles Brady

Director, LIFB

Charles Zack

Manager, Grey Fade

Sarah Murdoch

Senior content Manager, Forum Business Media Ltd


Program Manager, n/a

Christina McCarron

Community and Marketing Manager, ITSMA


Lockie, Landmark Identity

Angus Marsden

Solutions Manager, Zapnito

ED Team

Content Creator, Energy Dialogues LLC

Samantha Minish

VP of Content Delivery, AVIXA

Digital media maven that's focused on delivering experiences that put users first. Lover of nature, shoes, wine, and tacos. Mom of 2 humans and 2 doggos that love attending my virtual meetings.


Senior Associate, Needs Arch

Rahul Kshirsagar

Consultant, Nee Enterprises

Siân Legg

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

Chris Meckley

Partner, Head of Product & Operations, FirstThought LLC

Yandisa Citwa

Community Engagement Associate, AWIEF


Educational Consultants, MedApplications