Karien Stroucken

Programme Director, Zapnito
Nilüfer Ertürk

Admin, Coronaloji

Karl Hansen

CEO, Trust for Sustainable Living

Shamim chowdhury

Transformation Partner, Letsrise

The Charity Network

Director , The Charity Network

James Croissant

Senior Producer, Informa Tech

Henry Burt

Marketing Executive, Zapnito

Caroline Hicks

Event Lead, Automotive, Informa Tech

Nico Jong

Senior communication advisor, Ministry of Health

Jane Wilson

Communications Consultant, JWSquared

Salim Omar

Director, salim consultant

Jonathan Sumner

Chief Digital Officer, GRC World Forums

Mahmoud Refaat


Anna Sliwa

Digital Manager, Winmark

Katherine Bentley

Customer Success Manager, B2B Marketing

Hi there! I'm here to support you all throughout your Propolis journey. My background lies within the B2B SaaS technology industry, along with Marketing Communications. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like any support. e: katherine.bentley@b2bmarketing.net

Julie Gerland

Co-founder , Birthing The New Humanity

Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa

Co-founder and Head, Founders of the Future

Ruben Onderdelinden

Cofounder, Lively Eventtechnologie

Jason Boughtwood

Business Analyst, PEI Media Ltd

Bob Gates

Industry Analyst, The RepTrak Company

Industry Analyst on the Content and Community Team at The RepTrak Company.