Jon Beer

CTO and Co-founder, Zapnito

Director of Player Development, University of Notre Dame Football

Molly West

Community Engagement Executive , GRC World Forums

Marianne Rasmussen

Events Director, Mercator

Maria Teodora Traistaru

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

I am a creative, open-minded and sociable person, with a focus on maintaining customer relationships and supporting them at all times. Having a vast experience as a Customer Success Executive and a Data analyst in multiple industries, I am more than happy to help with any inquiries, so please feel free to reach out!
Annalisa Mutti

Solutions Manager, Zapnito

Karl Freeman

Head of Engineering, Zapnito

Paul Davidson

Investment Director, Octopus Investments

Kevin Coe

Senior Vice President - Digital Experience, The Mx Group

Regan George

CEO, The Social Effect

<p>CEO/Founder of The Social Effect, a 30 person B2B growth marketing agency - been building B2B communities for 10 years.</p>
Waimai Lo

Director of Client Operations, Zapnito

<p class="p1">A service-centric management professional with over 20 years&rsquo; experience driving continuous provision of top quality products / services for global organisations within digital, SaaS, media and adtech. Leading client operations at Zapnito ensuring a best-in-class customer experience, success and support.</p> <p class="p1">Feel free to connect with me for any questions or further help with your Zapnito community requirements. <span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span></p>
Ubaydli Y. Ubaydli

Chairman, Atyaf holdings

Grant Catton

Community Leader, PEI Media

<p>I've worked in the financial markets since 2003, first as a journalist and now as a facilitator of connections. I love helping people network and gain access to the professionals, insights, technology, &amp; deals they need in order to do their jobs. Since 2011 I have helped PE funds meet institutional investors; now I am delighted to serve the CFO and Operating Partner communities as well.</p>
Barbara Chidgey

Chair, Daring to Dream

Pascal van den Boorn

Entrepreneur, Generation Magnets

<p class="p1">Currently building the leading community/tribe for generations to work together, smarter and with more fun</p>
Arjun Unnikrishnan

Specialist Projects Manager, Atyaf Esolutions

Dave Sharp

Consultant, Intuitus

Eric Demski

Co-Founder, Circle of the Panda

Nilüfer Ertürk

Admin, Coronaloji

Karl Hansen

CEO, Trust for Sustainable Living

Nicholas Rusling

CEO , Human Race