Colin Currie

Senior Software Engineer, Zapnito


wallhead, siso

Chloe Fox

Founder, Veritas Marketing

Simon Linacre

Head of Content, Brand & Press, Digital Science


Senior Software Engineer, Zapnito

Kimberly Anthony-Morrow

CEO, Urban Excellence


UX/UI Designer, Zapnito

I am a digital product designer, working remotely in bonny Scotland. I have a passion for design and accessibility. I have a strong working knowledge of software programs such as Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as well as a love for traditional paper and pen sketching. When not working as a UX/UI Designer at Zapnito you can find me illustrating and planning hikes up North.
Kirstie Graham

Director, Capacity Building, UICC

Tim Major

Senior Account Manager, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce


Founder & Publisher, SME South Africa

I am a dynamic, seasoned, innovative, and results-driven entrepreneur who thrives in fast-paced and dynamic working environments. My 15+ years of combined experience in marketing, branding, and business development have prepared me to continually take on new and more complex challenges with additional responsibilities and interesting problems to solve. My background showcases my expertise in project management, strategic development, and client relationship management. My peers, clients, and business partners alike recognize me as an effective communicator, relationship builder, and astute leader. Thank you for viewing my profile, and I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to reach out and connect with me here!
Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.

My background is in technology, professional services and digital media. I co-founded Zapnito due to a number of related observations from my time in these sectors: 1) the social web is creating a huge amount of noise 2) expertise that brands have built up over decades is being drowned out and hidden from those that need it 3) these brands are therefore losing their audience to often undeserving and unhelpful sources, and 4) people are finding it harder to access the expertise that they truly value. I therefore decided to create Zapnito, a white-label platform to help trusted brands reclaim their audiences via expert-driven knowledge networks.

Jennie Short

Content Creator & Strategist, Data Leaders

I turn key learnings and insights from the Data Leaders community into helpful, thought-provoking content.

For 20+ years I've been combining my passion for communication and travel by working in marketing roles around the globe (LON-MAD-SYD-MIA-MAD for fellow air travel fans)! I spent several years working to bridge the gap between data teams and the business and empathise enormously with many of the challenges Data Leaders members face. It's a privilege to play a part in helping D&A leaders forge their way ahead.

Robert Shaw

Associate Director, Grant Thornton UK LLP

Peter Vojnits

Project Assistant, Laidlaw Foundation


software engineer, zapnito


Senior Digital Strategy Manager, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Natasha Wood

Head of Strategy, FT Live, Financial Times