Jon Beer

CTO and Co-founder, Zapnito
David Lewis

Head of Production, The Location Guide

Tracey Huggett

Marketing Director, Field Gibson Media

Monika Simoes

Managing Director & Founder, Energy Dialogues LLC

Nadio Granata

Owner, The Independent Consultancy Exchange

Darren Gough

Founder, Island23

Community Management expert with over 15 years background building digital strategy and driving engagement with diverse audiences. Former Community Manager for Clients worked with include Facebook, Sky, Greenpeace, World Bank, Springer Nature Publishing, Innogy (formerly RWE), Scope, Mind, Society for Neuroscience, Digicel, Vorwerk, Truth Initiative (Mayo clinic), Townsquared, and the NHS.
Mike Nevin

Managing Director, Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Claire Rahmatallah

Director of Marketing , Sova Assessment

Antonio Carlos Roca Roman

Senior Manager, Opentrends


Head of Product, Pariti

Wes Royer

Product Director, Clarivate

Caroline Hicks

Event Lead, Automotive, Informa Tech

Jane Wilson

Communications Consultant, JWSquared

Michelle Hache

General Manager, NEJM Group Education Programs, NEJM Group

Salim Omar

Director, salim consultant

Toni Rosati

Career Coach, Hivemind

Jonathan Sumner

Chief Digital Officer, GRC World Forums

Salma Maged

Deputy Director, RISE Egypt

Mahmoud Refaat


Enrico Senger