Dan Parry

Junior Software Engineer, Zapnito
  • Zapnito
  • United Kingdom

Logo Designer, Alma venture's

Lauren Weiner

Customer Success Coordinator, McGraw Hill

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys singing, writing songs and jokes, swimming, and learning new technologies. 

Lauren has a background in teaching with a master's in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a bachelor's of science in Elementary Education with a second major in Creative Writing.

Feel free to share your feedback on any of our sites and suggestions for improving our services!

Christina McCarron

Community and Marketing Manager, ITSMA

ED Team

Content Creator, Energy Dialogues LLC

Rahul Kshirsagar

Consultant, Nee Enterprises

Siân Legg

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

Tamara Miller

Product Manager, Zapnito


Educational Consultants, MedApplications

Renata Duarte

Biologist, Biologia Que Comem


Mayes, ADOBE


po, haminhavali

Waimai Lo

Director of Client Operations, Zapnito

A service-centric management professional with over 20 years’ experience driving continuous provision of top quality products / services for global organisations within digital, SaaS, media and adtech. Leading client operations at Zapnito ensuring a best-in-class customer experience, success and support.

Feel free to connect with me for any questions or further help with your Zapnito community requirements.    

Arjun Unnikrishnan

Specialist Projects Manager, Atyaf Esolutions

Dave Sharp

Consultant, Intuitus

Nilüfer Ertürk

Admin, Coronaloji

James Croissant

Senior Producer, Informa Tech

Tracey Huggett

Marketing Director, Field Gibson Media


community manager, alumni network

Jason Boughtwood

Business Analyst, PEI Media Ltd