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CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.
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Hi, I’m Charles Thiede, CEO & Cofounder at Zapnito. We help businesses power Community-Led Growth by developing our methodology and giving our customers the tools they need to get the most out of their platform. My background is in Healthcare Financial Services, Business Information & Product Development. Looking forward to connecting with you.

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Content Marketing Entrepreneurship Innovation Lean Management Product Development SaaS Startups Strategy

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Nov 12, 2022

Thank you to all who joined the Executive Breakfast. We will be launching an Executive Breakfast every quarter in London and potentially a virtual breakfast for our North American and European clients and partners. Looking forward to seeing everyone at these as we go!

Jun 13, 2021
Replying to Nikol Chen

Wonderful news - congratulations, Zapnito team! 👏 Excited to see what's coming next for you.

Thank you Nikol! Hope you are well.

Jun 12, 2021
Replying to Susanna Kempe

Huge congratulations. So well deserved and great recognition of all that you have achieved to date. Looking forward to seeing the next phase of spectacular growth.

Thanks Susanna! We could not have got here without your support and our amazing Advisors and Investors like you! 

Nov 11, 2020

Great article Henry. I have been avoiding watching the social dilemma. Here is a great video about how Google and (unlikely) FB can make the shift to value:

Sep 29, 2020

This is such a great interview Georgina and Thirza. Some very good tips here for other clients.

Comment on Video downloads
Sep 04, 2020

A small but very helpful feature for us panel users. Thanks Laura and team!

Aug 16, 2020

This is an excellent article! 

Comment on New global search
Aug 07, 2020
Replying to Olivia Macron

Nice update, thank you. Just a shame the courses don't seem to come up in the results. Is that something you may add in the future?

Hi Olivia. This is definitely V1 of the search. This feedback is super helpful. We will be adding to the feature set as we go. Thanks. 


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