Carme Raventos

Senior Solutions Manager, Zapnito
Jeremy Macdonald

Group Director of Technology, Hanson Wade

Hannah Mcculloch

COO, Hanson Wade

Mark Philbrick

Commercial Director, Centaur Media Plc

Phil Guest

Sales, Revcelerate

Bena Leslie

Corporate Development Director, Energy Dialogues LLC

I'm excited to connect with EDC Members and see people at upcoming Energy Dialogues initiatives. I'm here as a resource to the EDC platform, as well as discussing opportunities to enhance your participation within the Energy Dialogues Network! 

Paul Thoroughgood

Director, Go-To-Market Effectivenes, LexisNexis

An expert in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing and client services processes through the alignment of people, process, methodology and technology. I advise Zapnito on commercial best practice, drawing on 20 years' experience in media.
Laura Templer

Head of Customer Success, Zapnito

I have worked in the publishing industry for 8 years in academic journals and corporate publications, developing expertise across a variety of subjects from print logistics to content marketing. Please get in touch with any questions and I hope to be able to help you develop a successful Zapnito community.

Jenefer Thoroughgood

Managing Director, Thoroughly Good Consulting

For nearly 20 years, I've worked in the digital media sector, with hands-on experience in editorial, marketing, sales and R&D. I'm passionate about engaging and understanding customers to develop great content and products. Formerly Chief Product & Customer Officer at Zapnito, I'm now an advisor to the company.

Jon Beer

COO & Co-Founder, Zapnito

Hi, I’m Jon Beer, COO and Co-Founder at Zapnito.

I help businesses to power Community-Led Growth by translating Zapnito's vision for curated expert communities into your own business objectives.  I have 22 years experience helping technology businesses to deliver digital experiences, so am always open to sharing my insights on making legitimate knowledge and expertise discoverable over the web. Let’s connect!

Sarah Platt

Director, Co-founder , Kinura

I'm a creative, down-to-earth businessperson who has worked in broadcast and video streaming for many years. I've been running digital businesses since about the year 2000. My skills are in all aspects of digital projects and event video production, live streaming, social media etc. I work with a great team of video experts, digital producers and creative film-makers.
Verónica Reyero

Researcher, Antropología 2.0

I am co-founder of Antropologia 2.0, an ethnographic agency that helps other organisations to understand better their clients, audiences, employees, and the sociocultural context in which they operate.
Max Inchcoombe

Growth Marketing Manager, .

Skilled in business relations, digital marketing, sales process management, event organising, partnership development as well as customer support, I’ve been lucky enough to experience I wide range of operations within a fast-moving startup.