Zapnito Advisor Insight: Sarah Greaves' story

I was interviewed recently as a Zapnito advisor on my career and my perspective on Zapnito and its future - here are my responses

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May 16, 2018

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a Zapnito advisor?

I am a scientist by training (genetics/colon cancer development) and after leaving the lab I wanted to move into science communication as I loved teaching science to undergraduates but didn't love doing the science enough to stay on. I was lucky enough to become an editor at Nature Cell Biology and stayed at Nature Publishing Group/Springer Nature for over 18 years - working my way through editorial positions and into publishing ones, finishing as a Publishing Director for Publishing Projects within the Nature Research group. However my passion for communicating science remains and through my outreach work with InToUniversity and as a STEM Ambassador I aim to inspire school kids to think about how science impacts their lives and to consider studying it further at GCSE and beyond. The move to becoming a Zapnito advisor is therefore a clear one - aiming to help communication around science, the impact of STEM education and connecting those who view both of those aims as paramount to the futures of the next generation. I also love 'new stuff' and enjoy creating and supporting digital products and innovations such as Zapnito.

2) Why, would you say, is Zapnito necessary and important today and how do you see Zapnito’s business developing in the next 5 years?

Zapnito has an important part to play at bringing experts together with their communities and driving conversations whilst creating impact. The business should expand further to support those currently working in what seem like disparate fields to become more connected and learn from each other - such as conservationists and academics.

3) What in your opinion/experience is the single-most important skill in running a successful start-up?

The single most important skill is being able to survive without any sleep.

4) What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career to date?

This is an easy one - to always be surrounded by people who you think can do your job better than you. It ensures you have a super talented team of people, many of whom think differently to you, and it also means you don't stand still and keep developing your own skills alongside those of your team.

5) If you could advocate one company to the world (aside from Zapnito & your own), what would it be and why?

I wouldn't advocate a compnay; I'd advocate a charity. The Whitely Fund for Nature do amazing things supporting grassroot conservationists around the globe - and the impact they have is truly astonishing. More people need to know about them, how they work, the conservationists they support and the impact they have!

6) If you had £1 billion and had to invest it in only one of the following three, which would it be and why? 1. Virtual Reality 2. Artificial Intelligence 3. Renewable Energy

Number 3 - without sustainable energy sources becoming more 'common' and widespread we won't be able to do the other two even if we really wanted to.

Please do contact me if you would like to learn more about Zapnito or to get in touch about my work. Sarah Greaves

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Sarah Greaves

Chief Publishing Officer, Hindawi Publishing

I am an experienced publisher, but also a scientist and editor having worked within STEM publishing since 2000. I remain passionate about communicating science both to scientists and to the general public. Through my volunteer work with InToUniversity and as a STEM Ambassador I hope to inspire secondary school children to consider studying science and to demonstrate the jobs and opportunities a science background can lead too, as well as inspiring them to think about the impact of science on their everyday lives!

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