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Richard Carter

Co-creator/Director Commercial and Programmes, Switch Education for Business Ltd
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About Richard Carter

Switch Education for Business is a company passionate about the power of education to transform workplaces. We believe in encouraging others to reach their potential and in the principle of self-determination. We support middle to senior management as they adapt to new ways of leading and managing in their quest to meet the challenge of disruption in today's world and in doing so build effective leaders, effective managers and effective teams. We provide behavioural-led leadership assessment and immersion, and offer globally accredited leadership programmes to spark communication and engagement, empower employees, improve management capability and build confident and competent leaders. My passion is to share ways that can help people in their journey to become more effective leaders as well as help organizations become better at developing their people. The approaches I suggest are based on Social Cognitive Theory principles and its core motivational concept of 'self-efficacy beliefs'. Behaviour is shaped by the environment and personal factors such as personality and by applying tools such as LMAP, a personality and behaviour based 360 leadership assessment tool and organizational theatre techniques such as Forum Theatre, intensive role play and film/digital it is within our power to change our behaviour through self-reflective processes.

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