April’s customer community highlights: 3D printing, investment optimism, fake news, and more

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out the highlights on our customer communities this month...

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Apr 25, 2019

3D in focus
FSG’s 3DMedNet has made great use of our custom badges to create a new ‘3D in Focus’ series about 3D printing. Their latest edition looks at how 3D printing is disrupting dentistry and brings together an expert panel, along with free access to certain journal articles and top picks from the news.

UK top target for investment despite Brexit
Latest insights from the Money Marketing team over on the UK Edge community suggest there’s cause for optimism, despite the ongoing issues with Brexit. According to the article, “the UK topped the list of investment destinations in EY’s biannual Global Capital Confidence Barometer poll of 2,900 senior executives responsible for making acquisitions.”

Tackling stress and anxiety in the workplace – a new model for support
The Value Exchange community is tackling the important issue of talking about mental health in the workplace: firstly here with the help of Henry Jones, CEO at Big White Wall, who discusses the benefits of a collective, community-based response, and also here by focusing on the Millennial generation of employees.

Earth Day 2019
April 22 was Earth Day, and Nature’s Ecology and Evolution community made sure they had some great content lined up to mark it. They built an Earth Day 2019 channel for content in anticipation of the day, followed by a roundup of this globally valuable content here.

You can’t handle the truth! (a note on fake news)
Do we all need to apply a scientist’s analytical mind to the content we’re seeing online these days? Brooke Morrison, writing on The FEBS Network, suggests this is the only solution to ‘fake news’: “The next step will be learning to apply an academic’s level of scrutiny to information that presents itself as news. In the future, we will all be dons.”

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