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Carolyn Morgan is a strategist and consultant in digital media. She was formerly a strategy and digital director at EMAP, and has launched, acquired, grown and sold specialist media businesses in print, digital and live events. Carolyn now works with media owners on their digital strategy, advising on developing business models, creating digital subscription propositions and managing digital transformation. Carolyn frequently writes and speaks on digital publishing strategy, and has an extensive network of innovative media businesses. She has also led acquisition searches and managed the sale process of specialist media businesses.

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May 06, 2020

Jon, agree that video panels if well moderated can feel more intimate and more like a discussion within a community, and more welcoming to external contributions.  As webinars have long been used for commercial lead generation they feel a bit more impersonal and broadcast in style. 

Sep 05, 2019

A great list, Susanna, very useful as I’m programming a conference early next year, would love to  fix a coffee to dive into some ideas more closely.  Carolyn 

May 11, 2018
Replying to Jenefer Thoroughgood

Great post Carolyn! Some good ideas for our publishing customers here - and not just the expert networks that we love at Zapnito! Our customers have certainly seen benefits from the democratisation of content creation that their expert networks enable.

Thanks Jen.  I do think that commercial publishers can learn from membership organisations in involving customers/members more in shaping products and contributing content.


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