Georgina Sánchez Moles

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito Ltd.
Anna Sliwa

Digital Manager, Winmark

Katherine Bentley

Customer Success Manager, B2B Marketing

Hi there! Along with my (BA Hons) Marketing Communications degree from Bournemouth University, I have 4 years experience within the B2B SaaS technology and services industries. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like any support with Propolis. e:
Julie Gerland

Co-founder , Birthing The New Humanity


Co Founder , Circle of the Panda

Jason Boughtwood

Business Analyst, PEI Media Ltd

Karl Freeman

Head of Engineering, Zapnito

Kyle Gladwin

Product Manger, PEI Media

Emeline Tissot

Strategic Online Community Manager, Satellite Applications Catapult

Jake Golding

Marketing Consultant, Freelance


Structural Engineer, Civic Engineers


Product Manager, Cocoon Letters

Ashlyn McKnight

Owner, Being This Nature of Now

David Bradford

Executive Vice President of Community Engagement, Freightwaves

Alec Mackie

Director of Communications, California Water Environment Association

Kelly Shepherd

Community Manager, accelerateHER

Elisa Shepherd

Head of Membership Services, Ethical Trading Initiative

Janet Bell

Director, OPI

Hoa-Phan Van

CGO, DTS Group