Is Zapnito a superhero?

A superhero analogy to explain why Zapnito brings experts together.

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May 14, 2015

“Is Zapnito a superhero, mummy?”

My 5 year old has spotted the logo on my business card whilst rummaging through my bag for a packet of raisins. He's learning to read. Every letter that is nestled closely next to another gets sounded out and strung together to form a new meaning in his world.

“No, it's not a superhero. Zapnito is the name of the company I work for."

Definition of logo, done.

Who was I kidding? Five year olds don't settle for a quick answer.

“OK”, he says, “So IF it's not a superhero... then what IS Zapnito mummy?”

(Pause whilst I translate my answer into a 5 year old boy’s language.)

“Well... every superhero we know has a superpower, right? Superman has X-ray vision. Thor is really, really strong and has a supercool hammer. Spider-Man can climb walls and shoot webs. Iron Man is really really smart and he can build cool toys and fancy dress costumes. Hulk is really a scientist so very, very clever, and he’s also strong and green. And Black Widow is the best fighter. So their superpowers make them special, yes? People like you and me go to them because we know they are going to help us by using their superpowers. What's more, they are pretty cool on their own. But when they all get together and use their different superpowers as a team, they are even stronger, like when they are The Avengers!"

(Brief interjection from son: “Spider-Man and Superman are NOT Avengers, mummy.”)

“OK, so when The Avengers get together, they make this supercool, super-powerful team that can help anyone. Now, back to what mummy does. Well, Zapnito kind of helps get all those Avengers together, it helps them talk to each other (through their helmets) when they need to, and makes sure they have cool toys to help each other out (in a battle)."

“So you’re Nick Fury? You work for S.H.I.E.L.D!!?” A sudden look of wide-eyed awe has crossed my son’s face… shattered dreams if I don’t get this one right...

“Yes, we are Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D."

Definition, done. Back to the raisins.

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Emma Green

Director, Delta Think

My focus is mainly (but not exclusively) on the STM market, looking at ways in which Zapnito can help support and develop STM publishing business models. I trained as a scientist in developmental genetics at Newcastle university, received my postgraduate degree from University of East Anglia, and spent three years at Brown University in the US. I have almost 20 years' experience in STM publishing, having worked for Springer and then Nature Publishing Group, in roles including Associate Publisher for the physical science journals and Head of Digital Tools and Services. I have two young boys, am a governor at their school, and I teach five year olds to learn to read.

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