Carme Raventos

Account Manager, Zapnito
Antonio Carlos Roca Roman

Senior Manager, Opentrends

Joseph Donnelly

Senior Director, Marketing Services - Growth Strategy, Informa Tech

Richard Mahony

VP Service provider , Informa Tech

Caroline Hicks

Event Lead, Automotive, Informa Tech

Enrico Senger


Jason Boughtwood

Business Analyst, PEI Media Ltd

Kyle Gladwin

Product Manger, PEI Media

Andrew Costerton

Product Manager, DVV


Structural Engineer, Civic Engineers

Dirk Van Uffelen

Practice Leader Human Talent, Count & Cooper

The leading expert in quantum millennials. Currently writing 'The Quantum Millennial Guide, from agile to antifragile'. Dirk worked with large companies on helping them maximize the return on investment on their talent management programs, always succeeding in realizing a minimum of 15% in returns. Dirk is specialized in talent development of highly educated millennials. In his upcoming book 'The Quantum Millennial Guide, from agile to antifragile', he shares his lessons learned from working with the best of the best (AJAX, KPN, Philips, NS, Rabobank, Coca Cola, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police Academy, Dell, ABN AMRO, Tata Steel, IBM, Nespresso, Bank of New York Mellon, etc.).
Henry Burt

Marketing Executive, Zapnito

Rolf van Haren

Founder, The Upgrade Society

David Bradford

Executive Vice President of Community Engagement, Freightwaves

Radoslav Minkov

IT manager, CEPS

Alec Mackie

Director of Communications, California Water Environment Association

Kelly Shepherd

Community Manager, accelerateHER

Elisa Shepherd

Head of Membership Services, Ethical Trading Initiative

Carlos Scheuch


tom arant

author, self-employed