Laura Templer

Head of Customer Success, Zapnito
David Lewis

Head of Production, The Location Guide

Evelina Satkevic

Senior Community Manager, Springer Nature

Kylie McIntyre

Marketing Manager, Sova

Jonathan Sumner

Chief Digital Officer, GRC World Forums

Maria Teodora Traistaru

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

I am a creative, open-minded and sociable person, with a focus on maintaining customer relationships and supporting them at all times. Having a vast experience as a Customer Success Executive and a Data analyst in multiple industries, I am more than happy to help with any inquiries, so please feel free to reach out!
Nadio Granata

Owner, The Independent Consultancy Exchange


community manager, alumni network

Mike Nevin

Managing Director, Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Claire Rahmatallah

Director of Marketing , Sova Assessment

Antonio Carlos Roca Roman

Senior Manager, Opentrends

Henry Burt

Marketing Executive, Zapnito

Evan Kirchheimer

Research Vice President, Service Provider, Informa

Richard Mahony

VP Service provider , Informa Tech

Caroline Hicks

Event Lead, Automotive, Informa Tech

Catherine Hooper

Head of DPW100, DPW

Shivani Roda

Community Manager, B2B Marketing

Jane Wilson

Communications Consultant, JWSquared

Michelle Hache

General Manager, NEJM Group Education Programs, NEJM Group

Salim Omar

Director, salim consultant


Digital Project Manager, GRC World Forums