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A digital, marketing leader with 20+ years experience in international B2B and media businesses, the last 15 of them at Board level. Susanna's digital experience includes being CEO of the iconic WGSN, growing its customer base and profits to historic highs. An American, German, Brit, she understands global markets completely, has worked all over the world and launched businesses in China, Japan and India. Her extensive M&A experience includes buying a whole portfolio of Performance Improvement businesses, data businesses and successful PE exits. Susanna is steeped in events experience. She began her career at IIR and was part of the management team that sold to Informa. There she was the CMO before moving to Emap Networks as CEO, transforming the events business and achieving record profits. She was also a NED of WTG and the interim CEO of Industry Dynamics. More recently while the Global Partner for Content and Marketing at Brunswick Group, she implemented a new digital first strategy, GTM approach and corporate re-brand. Susanna is now the CEO of the Laidlaw Foundation which invests in the education of the underprivileged and under represented in order to break the cycle of poverty, reduce inequality and produce a new generation of leaders. She also has her own boutique consultancy, Flying Trumpets, helping CEOs and Boards position their personal brands and grow their company profits through content, marketing, innovation and digital.

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Recent Comments

Jun 09, 2021

Huge congratulations. So well deserved and great recognition of all that you have achieved to date. Looking forward to seeing the next phase of spectacular growth.

Feb 09, 2021

So well said Charles. This completely resonates. I think one of the challenges that event organisers have is a long ingrained culture of moving from one event to the next at speed. As soon as one event is over they are on to the next. Processes and profit share are all based on a productivity model where one event has a start and finish date. This idea of a knowledge sharing community with events as inflexion points requires a radical mind shift. Those who can make the intellectual and organisational leap will flourish. The others.... not so much.

Comment on Our Advisor Webinar
Mar 23, 2020

After a pretty stressful week it was a real pleasure to do this webinar. It was illuminating and fun to swap insights with Maggie. The functionality was really super easy to use. The other advisors could use the chat funcationality to comment on and add value to our discussion. It really showed the power of a community of experts and tech that is designed around people not formats from twenty years ago (she says, slightly rudely dismissing a lot of the event tech that is out there and really doesn't do the job for events businesses). I hope everyone else enjoys watching this and finds it as useful as we did recording it.

Comment on Removing menu icons
Feb 18, 2020

The old and new menu images aren't loading...

Comment on #Delete Facebook
Nov 03, 2019
Replying to Ashley Friedlein

I have an acount on FB but never use it. I've never been on Instagram and don't intend to. WhatsApp I use but obviously with Guild we're building an ad-free alternative for businesses to use. 

Something to be encouraged by is that Facebook use is declining. Instagram and WhatsApp (both owned by FB of course although most people don't know that) are growing. However younger people already see WhatsApp as for 'their parents' and tend now to be on Snap and TikTok. Neither of which FB own. So things do change quite quickly and FB-owned platforms are not necessarily set to stay dominant. (the alternatives are not necessarily any 'better' from a data/privacy point of view of course). 

Yes, and to date it seems that "bad actors" have found it harder to use Instagram for behavioural manipulation. TikTok does indeed seem spectacularly lax and irresponsible. Wouldn't it be lovely if someone could come up with a consumer social media platform with integrity as you have done for business?

Comment on #Delete Facebook
Oct 08, 2019
Replying to Charles Thiede

Ok. So I’m off Facebook but use Insta and whatsapp daily. I know deep down the same issues apply because the parent owns both. Where to go from here?  

Ditto re What's App. I think it is different in that they are not  selling advertising or sponsored content on it so in theory the misinformation and manipulation can't happen and they aren't making money from our usage. That said, I am aware that I am possibly rationalising my behaviour....

Comment on #Delete Facebook
Oct 08, 2019
Replying to Steve Thompson

Susanna I'm going to follow your advice, it's something I've been considering for a while and your post is the tipping point.

Excellent - so pleased.

Comment on #Delete Facebook
Oct 08, 2019
Replying to Jenefer Thoroughgood

Great post Susanna. I deleted my Facebook account several months ago and only feel sorry I didn't do so earlier!

Good for you - me too!