Alex Thompson

Customer Support Executive, Zapnito Ltd

community manager, alumni network


Single, self

Natalia Stones

Community Manager, VisionAIres

Events and media | AI & IoT markets | Community driven | I'm passionate about building communities and meaningful connections. My focus is to connect our AI community with other like-minded industry experts to help them solve challenges and uncover the true potential of AI.
Enrico Senger


Anna Sliwa

Digital Manager, Winmark

Kelly Shepherd

Community Manager, accelerateHER

Ruben Onderdelinden

Cofounder, Lively Eventtechnologie


Co Founder , Circle of the Panda

Jason Boughtwood

Business Analyst, PEI Media Ltd

Pam Putz

Managing Director, EBD Group

Dan Parry

Junior Software Engineer, Zapnito

Elisa Shepherd

Head of Membership Services, Ethical Trading Initiative

Marshall Poe

CEO, New Books Network

Yosuke Sato

Strategic Partnership Manager, ネイチャー・ジャパン株式会社


Head of Innovation, smrs

Paul Kirch

CEO, CEO Crossing, LLC

Tracie Watkins

Digital Production Manager, IFT

Kristien Hinde

Senior Digital Media Coordinator, C+D