Charles Thiede

CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.
  • Zapnito Ltd.
  • +447851928684
  • United Kingdom
Samantha Minish

VP of Content Delivery, AVIXA

Ton Dobbe

Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration

I founded my business on one transformative idea: The future belongs to software businesses that create products worth making a remark about. I believe something is broken around the way we view success. Too many software companies define their success by their size and quarterly growth figures. I believe success should be about the difference we help our customers create, and what we help them become as a consequence. Once that’s firmly in place customers turn into advocates and with that success follows, in volumes we couldn't have imagined upfront.
Kriss Wiltshire

Front end Software Engineer, Zapnito

Ed Phillips

Front End Software Engineer, Zapnito

I highly value UX, and will advocate for thoughtful and frictionless implementation of a UI and user story with a functional approach.

I'm passionate about working on products that solve real world challenges and am happiest when working in a team of people who care. I will lead when when it is required, but will always seek opportunities to learn from my peers.

What I crave most is a chance to write code with purpose, ownership and the opportunity to grow with that codebase.

Jessica Vine

Senior Customer Success Manager, Zapnito

Siân Legg

Customer Support Executive, Zapnito

Alex Hamilton

Solution Manager, Zapnito

Tamara Miller

Product Manager, Zapnito

Stephan Minos

Solutions Executive, Zapnito

Neil Morgan

CMO, CMO Advisory

I'm a tech marketing executive with 30 years experience marketing B2B SaaS companies in most global markets, ranging from self-serve payments and social media platforms to Enterprise CRM, Digital Marketing and business. I'm fascinated by the theory and practice what it takes to create and lead a category in technology and have been lucky enough to work for category defining businesses in apps, CRM, Marketing, Payments and Accounting businesses. My passions are family, most sports but especially golf, wine and, one day again soon, travel!

Marketing Executive , Zapnito

I am a master's student at Northumbria University studying Business and International Management. I recently joined Zapnito and am hoping to contribute a lot of fresh ideas to the company.

Phil Guest

Sales, Revcelerate

Michael Powers

Portfolio Manager, Digital Education and Innovation, Employer:American Chemical Society

Steve Budd

Director, Substribe

Maria Teodora Craiu

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

I am a creative, open-minded and sociable person, with a focus on maintaining customer relationships and supporting them at all times. Having a vast experience as a Customer Success Executive and a Data analyst in multiple industries, I am more than happy to help with any inquiries, so please feel free to reach out!

Jon Beer

CTO and Co-founder, Zapnito

A technical leader and hands-on CTO with 19 years' experience implementing web technologies. I lead the technical delivery of the Zapnito platform, ensuring a scalable multi-tenant architecture, disruption-free daily release cycles and a highly effective development team that delivers platform enhancements for our customers. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements for this or any Zapnito network or to share your feedback at any time.

Salvador Guerrero

Industrial Engineer, Salvador Guerrero

The Charity Network

Director , The Charity Network

Mike Nevin

Managing Director, Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Catherine Hooper

Chief Revenue Officer, DPW