Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.
JIll HInson

President, ChangeFusion

Kari Paulson


Dan Parry

Junior Software Engineer (Intern), Zapnito

Sara Maybury

Solutions Executive, Zapnito

After growing up in Bermuda, I recently graduated from the University of St Andrews. Now, I have joined the Zapnito team to further develop and grow the business.
Bright are a leading B2B agile marketing consultancy. We work alongside our clients to create and embed an iterative and data-driven approach, leading the charge to better results; faster time to market, sustainable growth and the ability to adapt and change for the better — all perfectly aligned to your business goals.
Marcelo Martins Guimaraes

Founder , Fashinnovation

Nico Jong

Senior communication advisor, Ministry of Health

Zach Ness

Chief of Staff, Outthinker

Mary Sweny

Head of Business Development, Researcher

I'm the author of five books on strategy and innovation, most recently Driving Innovation from Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs and Outthink the Competition. My mission in life is people loving what they do and I am intensely interested in the power that new language (terms, concepts, vocabulary) can change the way we think and thereby the impact we have. I am a former McKinsey consultant and have a BS in Finance from Wharton, BS in Engineering from Penn, MBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School, and a doctorate in marketing strategy fro Abo Academy in Finland. I live in Greenwich, CT, USA with my wife and three children.
Eric Bell

Founder, CEO Crossing

Andy Bacon

Strategy Director, B2B Marketing


cfo, csm

Todd Zander

categorically undefined, Red Ventures

Barry Garner

Senior Consultant, XPS Administration

I've worked in pensions administration for over 20 years, with most of that time being spent with my current employer, XPS Administration. I worked my way up from Senior Administrator, to Deputy Team Leader and then Team Leader. I moved away from a traditional admin role into my current role which is predominately focused on new business development, but also on creating bespoke solutions for clients. Examples of this include Simply DB, our bepoke administration service for smaller DB schemes and Trustee Support Service, our secretarial / governance soloution. My interests outside of the office are Golf and Football. I'm a member of my local Golf Club and my current handicap is 6.
Jackson Szabo

Portfolio Director, Informa PL


Festival Director, Informa Tech

Carolyn Dawson

Managing Director, Informa Tech, Informa plc

denis bidinost

ceo, Nekko

Kimberley Heath

Business Experience Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation