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Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.
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Eric Bell

Founder, CEO Crossing

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Karien Stroucken

Advisor, Zapnito

As an experienced programme manager, I have a strong track record in designing and managing large multiple stakeholder and high profile innovation projects. As a freelance consultant, I work for cultural institutes and technology startups with a strong social innovation mission.
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Ricardo Molina

Director, BrightBull B2B

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James Clark

Co-founder, Flux

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Neil Morgan

CMO, CMO Advisory

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Murat Karataş

GM, Smart Future Forum

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Ton Dobbe

Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration

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Michael Massad

Senior Associate, Elsewhere Partners

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Ben Chodor

President, Intrado DM

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Helen Mackenzie

Principal Advisor, Procurious Ltd

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Adam Gordon

VP Product Management & Marketing, BioCentury

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Jon Liong

Managing Director, Lychee Group

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Caitlyn Lewis

Innovation and Transformation, Mission: Innovation

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Joshua Berlin

Executive Director, BioCentury

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Sean Condron

Commercial Director, Exploremore

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Ben Fletcher

Founder, Utterly Events

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Richard Gledhill

Managing Partner, Geodesic

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Martijn Roelandse

Founder/Consultant, martijnroelandse.dev

Publishing professional who enjoys building bridges, between business and product teams or between startups and corporates. Product specialist who energises development team into well-oiled machines who work on your product vision and suggest new and valuable features themselves. Startup scout and coach who pivots them into great new things. Father of 3 boys / Music and car lover / Amateur chef / Gardening / Skiing / Whisky
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Stefan Krojer

CEO , Future Hospital Procurement

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Matthias Gutzmann

Founder, Digital Procurement World

In 2018, I was researching procurement conferences to showcase my then-employer, a startup. I was frustrated by the options. The existing conferences were prohibitively expensive for a limited startup budget, lacked investors, and failed to attract an audience of startup businesses, which is critical for procurement to transform digitally and drive innovation. Identifying this gap in the market, I left my job in New York, moved into my parents’ house in Germany, and invested my entire personal savings to launch DPW. In September 2019, DPW’s launch conference boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 400 industry leaders from 33 countries and was dubbed “the best new procurement event in years”. Prior to DPW and Vizibl, I orchestrated and led the market entry of Procurement Leaders into North America.