Integrate with your existing tech stack using Zapier

A connected and seamless customer experience is the holy grail for organizations today. Our integration with Zapier allows for automated integrations between your community and existing tech stack.

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We are always seeking ways to make our platform experience more connected and seamless, for both organizations and community members, and our integration with Zapier is a perfect example of this. 

Zapier is a tool that automates workflows, connecting different apps together to send information between them. It has over 2,000 apps that can be connected, including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack, Stripe, GoSquared and Shopify. 

This means that, through Zapier, you can connect your Zapnito community to your existing tech stack. The tools you have already invested in and are crucial to your business. Vitally, this can be done through setting up ‘zaps’ - no specialized development team required. 

If, for instance, you want to set up email triggers after certain actions taken via the community, you can link Zapnito with Mailchimp. For updated CRM information, you can link to Salesforce… and so on. Any process or system that you'd like your community to speak to, we can integrate it.

Setting-up Zapier with Zapnito

The basic Zapier set-up involves one trigger, like a sign-up, and a related action. You can also have one trigger cause two actions. Someone joining your community, for example, can be added to Salesforce and then a welcome email automatically sent through Mailchimp. All automated, no resource required. 

With Stripe, you can set-up a ‘zap’ that links Zapnito’s private groups and premium memberships to your Stripe account. Therefore, when a member wishes to upgrade to exclusive content on your community, the process is as simple as them inputting their payment details in Stripe. Once cleared, their access begins automatically without manual input from your team. And just like that, you can create a new revenue stream and monetize your existing expertise.

Consider existing tools

When setting-up your Zapier integrations, it pays to think about your existing tech stack and user journey. Consider what processes are already set-up and what can be streamlined through Zapier. What tools do you already use? Consider the full spectrum of your tech stack, including internal messaging tools, e-commerce platforms, emails, CRM systems and payment technology. Even Google sheets or documents should be considered.

There are many different triggers you can use, like someone signing up for a webinar or offline event, commenting on a post or publishing an article. Anything that happens in your community can be thought of as a potential trigger, creating a seamless, personalised experience for your community members. If a Zapnito community trigger or action doesn’t already exist, we can work with you to create one that is specific to your organization.

Automation means that it will all happen in the background, no resource or management required.

Link to your goals

You should also consider how your Zapier integration can feed into your wider business strategy. If your goals are to monetize your platform, then you’ll need to link Zapnito to a payment solution. Then, think about what’s going to be gated. Premium content, rooms, or courses. Consulting time with your experts, exclusive expert panels - the options are endless. 

Growing your community

Using Zapier in tandem with Zapnito is a win-win for all. Your members will benefit from a consistent and integrated experience. Meanwhile, your organization doesn’t have to dedicate many resources in linking different tools, with time-consuming tasks automated. Your tech is no longer siloed, but working harmoniously together to create the brand experience you always envisioned, and members increasingly expect. With Zapier working behind the scenes, your team can focus on what really matters: serving and growing your community. 

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