Jon Beer

CTO & Co-founder, Zapnito
steven seppinni

Founder/CEO, Revving Up

Philip Lakin

Founder & CEO, Propulsion Lab

Georgina Sánchez Moles

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito Ltd.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm the customer success executive at Zapnito. I help businesses develop their websites, grow their online community and organise events. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!
Kabren Levinson

Director, Product Management, The RepTrak Company

Adam Goss

Principal UX Designer, RepTrak

Zachary Rockwell

Head of Engineering, The RepTrak Comapny

Emma Bird

EMEA Fellowship & Alumni Program Director, The Marketing Academy

Hoa-Phan Van

CGO, DTS Group


Head of Innovation, smrs

Shawn Moozoun

Co-Founder/President, OGHelp Global Inc.

Dan Parry

Junior Software Engineer (Intern), Zapnito


Marketing Consultant , Woolfhodson

Tracie Watkins

Digital Production Manager, IFT

Sara Maybury

Solutions Executive, Zapnito

After growing up in Bermuda, I recently graduated from the University of St Andrews. Now, I have joined the Zapnito team to further develop and grow the business.
Bright are a leading B2B agile marketing consultancy. We work alongside our clients to create and embed an iterative and data-driven approach, leading the charge to better results; faster time to market, sustainable growth and the ability to adapt and change for the better — all perfectly aligned to your business goals.
Ana Rita Furtado

Project manager - Training Unit, Institut Curie

I am ex-researcher in the field of bacterial infectious diseases, with a quick journey taken into the Pharma world and a lot of extra-professional experiences in scientific communication. Along the way, I became an enthusiast for training dedicated to postgrad and researchers. Nowadays, I work at Institut Curie’s Training Unit, managing the Training Unit International Courses. I am a strong beliver that personal & professional growth is an infinite line and that each one of us has a say on where that line can take us.
Marcelo Martins Guimaraes

Founder , Fashinnovation

Matthew Mills

Customer Support, Zapnito

Zach Ness

Chief of Staff, Outthinker

Eric Bell

Founder, CEO Crossing