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A technical and operational leader and hands-on COO with 21 years' experience implementing web technologies. I lead all operational activities at Zapnito. Get in touch with me to learn more about how we operate or to share your feedback at any time.

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Jun 28, 2022
Replying to Waimai Lo

@Sorrel Bunting @Laura Taylor @Evelina Satkevic

Hi ladies, here is the article on the Enhanced Global Search Results update we discussed - hope it's helpful! 

I hope you like this new enhancement @Laura Taylor just a good example of us continually iterating on the platform.  

Cheers, Jon

May 05, 2022

@James King hopefully you're excited to see these updates coming through, we will be rapidly iterating on the Conversations feature - lots more to come!

Feb 10, 2022

I'm very happy to see this new update to our Video Panels capability, excellent work from the team! 

Feb 17, 2021
Replying to Darren Gough

Great read Jon.

For all the pain the events industry has and is suffering due to the pandemic, I think it'll come back stronger than ever. 

The reality of the pandemic is it probably (although painfully and tragically for many who lost jobs and in some cases companies) is that it has also moved an industry forward in a way that was needed.

Events companies are now looking at community and the wider digital piece in a way it would have taken them many more years to embrace. The fat has been trimmed and events will emerge as a leaner, more progressive and integrated sector that will offer year round value by placing community at its core

Thanks Darren yes I completely agree.  It is amazing how much of a shift this has been and a decade from now I'm sure we will look back at this time as a pivotal moment in how niche online communities can be a real powerful force particularly for traditional face to face conferences and events.   The hybrid event model will be the norm and the overall value from those hybrid events will be greater than it was previously.   Cost of attendance will be driven down (without travel and hotels) and attendance volume will be driven up.

Not to mention the longevity of conversation and learning that goes beyond the confines of two or three days.

Feb 12, 2021
Replying to Mike Nevin

Jon - I love the description 'collective intelligence'. I run a global community called Alliance Best Practice Ltd which is based on the concept of alliance practitioners getting together to discuss 'what works' in business to business alliance formulation, management and optimisation.  But I agree with you that a simple website or a LinkedIn group doesn't quite cut it anymore.  I think my members would welcome the idea of a niche group with a passion for knowledge sharing around alliances.  I will contact you separately to discuss how we could take advantage of your platform whilst at the same time boost membership (my group has 18,000 members) - Best wishes - Mike

Thanks Mike - glad you enjoyed the article and great to hear about Alliance Best Practice.   The core inspiration for us to build Zapnito (a few years ago now...) was due to our fatigue with social media noise, LinkedIn groups becoming often times noisy places.  One phrase I particularly like is 'not all experts are created equal'!   Best, Jon

May 29, 2020
Replying to Pablo Markin

This tutorial is rather helpful. However, given how steep the learning curve related to Zapier could be, it could be worthwhile to create more posts with showcases and tutorials about what can be done via Zapier integrations and the Zapnito app on Zapier.

Thanks Pablo - it's a good suggestion, glad you found this content useful.  I'll plan to create some more content for other use cases!


May 21, 2020
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Jon, many thanks for sharing your research findings with us - this is very useful. I have been receiving a few member questions about which webinar tools would be a best fit with our Zapnito platform (WildHub) so they can start preparing conferences digitally. Any new insights you may have gained since publishing this article would be most appreciated. Thanks! 

Hi Thirza - yes is the short answer.  We've been working with another client, Simply Communicate to host their virtual event which has run today.  The approached used in this case has been to use a live video stream using RTMP and stream a video feed from MS Teams, and play that alongside an embedded Sli.do Q&A feed.


This approach seemed to work really well.

May 07, 2020
Replying to Pablo Markin

Jon, this is a great article. Integration functionalities are definitely key for webinar deployments on the Zapnito platform.

Thanks Pablo - yes certainly, I'm sure we will find the right partner eventually, or set of partners.  No one tool fits all use cases so I expect there will be three or four that fit best for different scenarios.


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