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Great post about HBR's audience engagement efforts: Do their findings resonate with you?

Started about 4 years ago

The importance of video, the prevalence of lurkers and the need to engage the right people to get things started all sound familiar to me...

Totally agree Sarah! It's so easy to think we have all the answers, which is a shame as user testing and research is always valuable, and fun too! Also, network members do tend to be particularly open to being involved in product development as they have generally shown a greater level of commitment to the brand / product in question in joining the network.

Thanks for posting this article Jen.  I saw Maureen Hoch present at Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin talking about the whiteboards, and she emphasised the importance of having enthusiastic advocates and being prepared to experiment.  Really good point that you and Sarah make about testing lots of different ways for people to interact and engage to see what works.  Link to video of Maureens talk about engagement here:  

Thanks Carolyn. Sounds like that would have been a great talk!

I tried to post the youtube link to her talk in my previous post but it didn't appear.

https colon double slash youtu dot be slash diR_yq3cF3Q

Sorry Carolyn, our sanitiser strips out URLs but if I Google 'YouTube diR_yq3cF3Q' I found the video!