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Automating User Group Permissions with Zapier and GoSquared

In this 15 minute tutorial I'll walk through the steps in detail to show you how to automate adding users to a Zapnito groups by connecting GoSquared SmartGroups via Zapier.

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Go to the profile of Pablo Markin
Pablo Markin 6 days ago

This tutorial is rather helpful. However, given how steep the learning curve related to Zapier could be, it could be worthwhile to create more posts with showcases and tutorials about what can be done via Zapier integrations and the Zapnito app on Zapier.

Go to the profile of Jon Beer
Jon Beer 6 days ago

Thanks Pablo - it's a good suggestion, glad you found this content useful.  I'll plan to create some more content for other use cases!


Go to the profile of Pablo Markin
Pablo Markin 5 days ago

You are welcome Jon - I have recently had a conversation with another Zapnito customer but I have only today realized that the app on Zapier in combination with the steps you suggest is the right solution for that deployment's needs.