Do you think Zapnito could enhance or even replace the delivery of some traditional management consulting services?

Robert Browton on Mar 08, 2017 • 1 answer
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Rob, this is a great question. We definitely built Zapnito with consulting services in mind. It was part of the inspiration for the product. As everyone is becoming a publisher and every publisher are becoming consultants, why wouldn't consulting services need to enhance their models. The old model of feet on the ground and fee earners is being disrupted by much more mobility and disrupting models. Experts on demand and supplemental knowledge hubs around consulting services using expert knowledge networks is clearly the vision and reality. I don't think a product like Zapnito will replace delivery of traditional consulting services over night, but it will certainly enhance the engagements. The old models of delivering reports, running conferences, creating 400 page power-points are over. Having central hubs that showcase and deliver this knowledge are what their clients need now.

Charles Thiede on Mar 10, 2017
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