Does Zapnito support networks run internationally in markets like Australasia?

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Richard Carter on May 25, 2016 • 2 answer
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Hi Richard. Most definitely! I'd say that most of our sites so far are for an international audience. Indeed, one of the major benefits of a Zapnito network is that it breaks down barriers to global communication. We're helping our customers to bring their community together, wherever its members happen to be based. The video panel tool is probably our most popular feature on this front; you can bring together up to 10 people for a video discussion that feels like everyone is in the same room. There's no need for special plug-ins; participants need only a computer, broadband connection and webcam to take part! What's more, you can choose to record the video for future reference or to publish to your network to share expertise.

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Jenefer Thoroughgood on May 26, 2016
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We have a big Asian user base and starting to make some big efforts to optimise our platform access in China. As Jen says, its a truly international model! Thanks for asking.

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Charles Thiede on Jun 08, 2016
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