What's the main difference between Newsletter types?

Zapnito Support Team on Jul 01, 2022 • 1 answer
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We have 4 different types of Newsletters. These can be turned on from Settings > Feature Settings which community admins have access to.

We have two great articles below which explain all you need to know about the Newsletters, here is a short summary!

The Highlights email:
Users on the site can choose to receive a newsletter of highlighted content, also referred to as ‘editor’s picks’ content. This is emailed to users who have opted into the Highlights, contains up to 10 pieces of highlighted content.

The Newsletter:
The Newsletter contains all the posts, documents and videos that have been published to the site within the selected time frame (daily, weekly or monthly).

The Digest:
The Digest is a feature that enables users to stay up to date with the content and conversations that matter most to them. It allows them to ‘watch’ the channels and rooms they are most interested in, and be notified by email about new content and conversations at a frequency of their choosing, managed via Notifications Preferences > Your Digest.

Curated Newsletter:
The Curated Newsletter allows community managers to customize the subject line, intro text and content. You can add up to 10 pieces of content to your Curated Newsletter and send a preview to yourself before hitting send or scheduling for a later date.

Alex Thompson on Jul 01, 2022
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