How can I add more than 1 user to a Room at a time?

Zapnito Support Team on May 16, 2022 • 1 answer
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Manually inviting users to a room on a one-by-one basis can be time consuming. In the case you need to add more than 1 user to a Room at a time, there are two ways to do this.

The first is through a bulk CSV upload which allows you to submit a file containing information on the users you want to invite to your site. The mandatory fields to be included in this file are: “Name, Email, Title, Company, Professional Reg Number, Password, Group Name, Type”. “Title, Company, Professional Reg Number” can be left blank.

To invite users to a room with a Bulk CSV upload, go to the Room’s Directory. You can find this Directory in the ‘edit’ page of a Room, via ‘Settings’. Copy and paste the name of the appropriate group name. For example, if I had a Room called 'Advisor Room', then my two options would be either “Advisor Room (Members)” and “Advisor Room (Contributors)”.

Alternatively, you can invite more than 1 user at a time to a Room via Zapier. We have created a Zapier Workflow Automation course with the aim of allowing you to have control over such integrations. The first user case of the course contains information on how you can add a list of users to a group via Zapier. This was done with the example group ""Room contributors"" and you can watch the video below:

You can find out more information via our excellent support article below which explains 4 ways to add users to a Room:

Siân Legg on May 16, 2022
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