Zapnito has a new home

We are delighted to announce that Zapnito is moving on up...
Zapnito has a new home

We are delighted to announce that, as of the end of June, Zapnito has a new home! 

We'll be moving into the brand new Mindspace Shoreditch facility, with our own office as well as access to a huge co-working space, lots of meeting rooms and a very cool event area (equipped with a bar). That's not to mention the great views across London from our 8th floor location.

Much as our current Shoreditch studio has served us well, we are very excited by this move, which marks the next stage in Zapnito's development. 

So, why the move?

Scaling up: We need the room to grow. 2018 has been a good year to date for Zapnito, with us signing a number of new customers. New customers bring the need for a bigger team so we are looking forward to recruiting more team members later in the year. Moving into a flexible space like Mindspace means we can add more space as we need it without the risk of taking an office too small (or too big) for the future. 

Fostering collaboration: Mindspace is designed to bring together SMBs, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to enable collaboration, in particular between people in creative industries. Much as we loved having our own private studio, we are keen to make connections with companies in new sectors that might become customers, collaborators or simply friends.

In addition, Mindspace shares a building with Docusign and other blue-chip firms of the type that are also Zapnito customers, giving us access to a great, diverse network.

Going global: Mindpsace is a global network of facilities, which we can use when visiting customers and prospects around the world, supporting our plans for world domination!

Becoming more professional: Quite simply, Mindspace looks cool. We are looking forward to impressing our customers, investors, advisors and friends with our slick and trendy new space that is fitting for the next stage in Zapnito's development.

Our relocation has been a while in the making as we searched for the perfect place, and we are very pleased to have found it. Thank you to Jen for not giving up on finding the right home for us, and to Steve for managing the logistics. 

Drop in and see us at any time (we have lots of room!) at Mindpsace, 9 Appold Street.