Video downloads

You can now download all of your video content from the community
Video downloads

We've just released a small platform update that will hopefully make your life much easier.

Previously if you recorded a video panel you had the option to save or publish it, but now there's a third option: download it.

This means that if you want to give the video a couple of extra tweaks before you release it to the community you can easily take it out of the site and re-upload it later.

After you've finished your video panel recording you can go to 'My Videos' to see the video processing and getting ready for release. From here you can either press 'edit' to give the panel and name and introduction, or you can press 'download'. 

Once you've clicked download it'll open a second tab which which show the whole video file. In the bottom right corner you'll see three dots which will open up a menu allowing you to download the mp4.

This feature isn't just restricted to video panel files; you can download any previously uploaded video file that you want!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns


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almost 2 years ago

A small but very helpful feature for us panel users. Thanks Laura and team!