Updated text editor

We're making a small change to the text editor that you will see released in the next few hours

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When we released the current text editor we said that the functionality was improved but that we'd continue to work on it gradually.

In a couple of hours we'll be releasing an upgrade to the editor and it will look like this;

This is a sleek new design that will allow you to write your content in the format it will appear when it's published. No more flicking between "preview" and editing!

We've also hidden a few of the lesser used icons behind the ellipses button;

All the functions that you've been using are still here but they've been consolidated to make your life easier.

Please let me know if you have any questions support@zapnito.com

Laura Templer

Head of Customer Success, Zapnito

I have worked in the publishing industry for 8 years in academic journals and corporate publications, developing expertise across a variety of subjects from print logistics to content marketing. Please get in touch with any questions and I hope to be able to help you develop a successful Zapnito community.